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December 22, 2011

Comment now on the Lafarge application

It is critically important that as many local people as possible voice their views on the Lafarge application for more gravel extraction at Sonning Eye. SEAG believe the works will be carried out in a way that conflicts with government guidelines and that may make flooding much worse.

You can see the application at http://tinyurl.com/sonningeye

They have many other concerns soon to be outlined on this site.

It will take at least 12 years to get the gravel out, including landfill with builders' waste. The site extends along the river towards Shiplaske.

What should I do?
Write with your views by 26 January at the latest. You can either use the online form, send a letter or you can email theplanning officer directly. He is  John Hamilton: John.Hamilton@oxfordshire.gov.uk. You should quote the application reference which is MW.0158
What happens next?
The planning officer will write a report recommending refusal or acceptance. Since the council propose to include the area in their Minerals Plan (which has yet to be agreed) they may well recommend acceptance. The application will then go to the Planning and Regulation Committee at 5 March at the earliest.

Points for your response
On their website OCC suggest you consider:

  • Land use - is the proposed use of the land suitable given its location and surroundings?

  • Physical impact - What are your views on the appearance of the development. What do you think of any landscaping scheme? Would you be affected by noise, smell or dust? What do you think of any landscaping/restoration scheme?
  • Traffic - What are your views on any arrangements for access and parking? How will the amount or flow of traffic be affected?
  • Community - How will local services and the environment be affected?

OCC cannot usually take into account:

  • fears about loss of value of property

We don't have long, because 26 January is the last date for consultation responses.


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